Create a Custom Taxonomy

Let’s create a custom taxonomy. Go to MBM Settings -> Custom Fields and click on the taxonomy field tab.

Give your taxonomy a name – plural and singular. MBM and WP will handle knowing which name to use based on the context.

A taxonomy needs a slug. This forms the URL where you will be able to see all the books within that taxonomy (aka a taxonomy grid).  Just like the standard taxonomies, MBM comes with, there are some restrictions. No WP reserved words, and no repeating other fields and taxonomies.  

A default slug is set for you based on the singular name.  You can customize it on the MBM Settings -> Book Grids page just like any other taxonomy.

Once you have created your taxonomy field, it will act exactly like genre and the other taxonomies. Edit a book and scroll down and look on the right-hand side to find your custom taxonomy.

Save your book, and the taxonomy will display on the book page like any other taxonomy:

And you can click on it to go to the taxonomy book grid:

Custom taxonomies can be used anywhere the standard ones can -- like book grids and book widgets!

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