About Advanced Grids

The book grids that come with Mooberry Book Manager are pretty powerful.  The Advanced Grids extension takes grids to the next level, adding the following abilities:

•Pagination – Split large grids into multiple pages
•Additional Fields – Choose up to 3 fields to display under each book in the grid
•Additional Selection Options – Choose the books in your grid based on publication date
•Filtering – Choose up to 6 fields your website visitors can filter your book grid by
•Searching – Allow your website visitors to search your book grids
When you first install MBM Advanced Grids, all of these features default to OFF. So nothing will change on your site until you decide you want it to.
MBM Advanced Grids integrates well with other Mooberry Book Manager extensions.  If you have MBM Custom Fields installed, you can add your fields to your grids and filter by your custom taxonomies. WIth MBM Multi-Author, you can add author as one of the additional fields to display or filter by.

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