Default Settings

Go to Mooberry Book Manager Settings -> Book Grid and scroll down and you’ll see some new sections have been added.

The first one section is for Pagination.  You can set a default number of books to display on each page of a grid.  Each grid can override this value if you would like. But this gives you the option to have all grids uniform across your site with one place to change it as needed.

Settings on the Book Grid Page

In the pagination section, you can turn pagination on or off for this specific grid.  If pagination is turned on, you can choose how many books to display per page.  Choose to either use the default number from the settings page we just looked at OR enter a custom number for this specific grid.

When you turn pagination on for a grid, MBM Advanced Grids will automatically calculate how many pages are needed to display the books based on how many books you choose to display per page.  Next, Previous, First, Last, and page number links will be added to the upper right and lower right of the grid.

As always, Mooberry Book Manager grids are set-it-and-forget-it.  As books are added or removed from the grid based on the selection criteria for the grid, the number of pages will be adjusted automatically.

Note: Paginating a book grid that has groups is not available at this time

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