Additional Fields

You can choose up to 3 additional fields to be displayed on the grid, below the title of the book.

Default Settings

The default settings can be set on the Mooberry Book Manager Settings -> Book Grid page.

The first setting turns additional fields on and off for all book grids that use the default settings.  

If you choose Yes, you’ll have the opportunity to choose up to 3 fields to display on the grid. Simply drag and drop the field from the left box to the right box.  
You can even change the order of the fields in the right box, which will determine the order they display in on the grid.
This can provide a shortcut if you want all or a group of grids to show the same fields.
The next setting will change the amount of height between rows of books in your book grid.  Because you are adding text under each book in the grid, you will likely need to add more space between rows. MBM Advanced Grids is not have to determine this automatically because different fields take up different amounts of space, and you may choose 1, 2, or 3 fields.  You may need to experiment with this value to get the look you want.
This is the default setting for the space between the rows.  It can be customized on each specific book grid if needed.

Book Grid Settings

You can override any of the default settings on a specific
Edit an existing grid or create a new one and you'll see a new Additional Fields section.

These are basically the same options there are on the setting screen.  You can choose to use the default settings on this grid, which will use the fields and spacing that you set up on the settings screen we just looked at.  
If you choose Yes, you can select different fields and spacing.  Even if you choose different fields, you can still choose to use the default spacing or set a custom value for this specific grid.
If you choose No, there won’t be any additional fields on the book grid.

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