Default Settings

Go to the MBM Settings -> Book Grid page to see the default settings.

Filtering can be turned on and off from here.  When it’s turned on, you can choose up to 6 fields to allow your website visitors to filter your grids by.  This is an important distinction to most other MBM features…. This is primarily to be used by your readers, not necessarily you.

Selecting the filtering fields works the same way as the additional fields does: drag a field from the left box to the right box to add it to the grid.  Re-order the fields in the right box however you choose.

Book Grid Settings

Each grid can override the default settings. Edit a grid or create a new one, and you'll find the new filtering section.

If you choose Use Default, this grid will use whatever settings you just put in on the setting screen we were just looking at.
If you choose Yes, you can choose filtering fields for this specific grid.
If you choose No, your reader will not be able to filter the grid.

Filtering in Action

To see filtering in action, go to your website and view a grid that has filtering enabled. 

At the top of the grid, there will now be a drop down for each field the grid can be filtered by.  You can choose a value in one or more drop downs, and then click Go to filter to the grid.

The grid will change to only show the books that fit that criteria.  If pagination is turned on and enough books fit the criteria, the pagination links will still appear. 

Filtering never adds books to a book grid.  If a book wasn’t in the grid already due to the selection, it won’t be suddenly added because it fits the filtering criteria. Filtering will always return the same number or fewer books.
Clearing the filters will return the grid to all books it originally started with.

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