Managing Authors and Affiliate Links

Mooberry Book Manager has always allowed authors to use their own affiliate codes with their buy links. However, the only way to use affiliate codes was to paste them in for each book. With Mooberry Book Manager version 3.5, affiliate codes are now set per retailer. MBM Multi-Author version 1.3 also gives you the option to use the same affiliate codes throughout the whole site or to allow each author to use their own affiliate codes.

On the Multi-Author Settings page, a new option has been added as of version 1.3:


If this option is unchecked then the same affiliate codes will be used for all authors. In this case, the affiliate code options will appear on the Retailers Settings page.

If this option is checked, however, each author can use their own affiliate codes. The affiliate code options will no longer appear on the Retailers Settings page.  Instead, affiliate codes can be set while editing an author:


You can add as many affiliate codes as you need, but you should only enter one per retailer per author.

Once the affiliate codes are entered, when a book page is viewed, MBM Multi-Author will pull the affiliate code that matches the retailer AND the author.

Affiliate Code

In this field you enter exactly whatever needs to be added to the URL for the retailer to track your sales. This will be the same on all of the book links for this retailer.

For example, Amazon’s code would look something like this:


Affiliate Code Position

Different retailers and affiliate programs use different ways of formatting the links for tracking affiliates. Choose the method your program uses.

If your affiliate links look like this, choose After Book Link:

If your affiliate links look like this, choose Before Book Link:

(Hint: For Amazon, use After Book Link.)

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