Creating A Custom Book Field

To get started using custom Book fields, let’s go to the settings page. MBM Settings -> Custom Book Fields.

There are 2 tabs – fields and taxonomy fields. We’ll get to the taxonomy fields tomorrow. Let’s focus on regular fields for now.

You can add as many custom fields as you want. Each field will apply to every book, however if you don’t enter any information for the field, it will not display on the book page.
Let’s add a trigger warning fields. Five the field a name and use text as the type. We’ll get into the different types in a minute. Leave hidden and disabled unchecked. Save.

Now go edit a book.  Scroll down to additional information and you’ll see a new field trigger warnings.  That is a text field you can enter text into. Put in some info and save the book. 

Now view the book. You’ll see the trigger warning text included on the book page.

If you view a different book you’ll see that there is no trigger warning field shown.

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