How to Install Mooberry Book Manager Extensions

There are three steps to installing Mooberry Book Manager Extensions.

  1. Download the file for the Extension you have purchased.
  2. Install the Extension on your website.
  3. Activate your license key for your Extension.

Repeat these three steps for each Extension that you have purchased.

Download the File for the Extension You Have Purchased

You can find the link to download the file in two places:

  1. In the Purchase Receipt Email

    In your Account on the Mooberry Book Manager website

In Your Account on the Mooberry Book Manager Website:

  1. Log into the Mooberry Book Manager website and click on Account
  2. Under Purchase History, click on View Details and Downloads for the purchase that contains the extension you want to download.

  3. Under  Products, there will be a link for each file to download

    Install the Extension On Your Website

The file will be in .zip format.  You do not need to extract this file. Simply save it somewhere on your computer where you can find it again.

  1. From your website, log into your WordPress Dashboard and click on Plugins.
  2. Click on Add New.

  3. Click on  Upload Plugin.

  4. Click on Choose File and local the file you just downloaded and then click on Install Now.

  5. Click on  Activate.

Activate Your License Key For Your Extension

See the instructions here.

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