Licenses and Multi-Site

The way license keys for Mooberry Book Manager Extensions  should work with Multi-Site is that you only need to activate the license key on one sub site.  This should provide updates to all of the sub sites.

If the Extension is activated on a sub site instead of network activated, an administrator will need to visit the  Plugins page of that sub site to trigger the update check. The Site Admin can then go to the Network Plugins page and update the Extension for all sites on the network.

If an administrator attempts to activate a license key on multiple sub sites, a “No Activations Left” notice will be displayed. Although each individual sub site does not show a valid license for the Extension, all sub sites should receive updates as long as  one sub site has a valid, active license key.

Whoever purchased the Extension in the first place will be the account that has access to the Support Forums.

If you are using Mooberry Book Manager Extensions with Multi-Site and the license keys and updates are not behaving the way described here, please  let us know.

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