Updates to the Mooberry Book Manager Book Widget

The MBM Advanced Widget plugin adds some additional features to the existing Mooberry Book Manager Book widget included in the base Mooberry Book Manager plugin.

When you choose Newest BookRandom Book, or Future Book, you’ll now have the option to filter the results by the following options:

  • Genre
  • Series
  • Tag
  • Editor
  • Illustrator
  • Cover Artist
  • Publisher
  • User

For example, if you choose to display the Newest Book filtered by Series, the widget will display the book from the selected series with the most recent publication date. If you choose to display a Random Book filtered by User, the widget will select a random book from the list of books added by a specific user.

An additional option has also been added to the “Which book to show?” list: Random Book by Random User.

This option will be useful if you have multiple users adding books to your website and you want to fairly choose a random book to display. This option will first choose a user at random, and then choose a random book added by that user. If the chosen user has not added any books, another user will be chosen at random. The reason this differs from simply choosing Random Book is because if one user has added more books than other users, a book added by that user will be statistically more likely to be chosen. This option levels the playing field by choosing the user first, then the book.

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