About the Most Popular Book Widget

This widget will allow you to feature the book that been viewed to most times over a given time period:

  • Year to Date
  • Month to Date
  • Week to Date
  • All time

Every time a book page is viewed, its view count is increased by 1. This widget does not track unique visitors. If the same reader views your book’s page 5 times while exploring your website, all 5 views will be counted.

The  MBM Advanced Widgets plugin must be activated in order for book views to be counted. Any views that happened before installing the plugin will not be counted.

Because you as the author may view certain a book’s page several times while creating or updating it, this widget includes an option to ignore views from certain users or roles of your website. See  Excluding Users From Being Counted as Views.

Book view counts can be reset for individual books or for all of the books. See  Reset a Specific Book’s Views to 0 and Reset All Book’s Views to 0.

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