Viewing Books

Now that you’ve added books in the admin side of WordPress, how do you view them on your website?

Until you’ve added a Book Grid or a Widget, you can only view a book by going to its Book Details Page directly. You can find the link for the Book Detail Page on the Edit/Add page. Right under the title, you’ll see “Permalink” and a URL. That’s the direct URL to your book. Copy and paste it into your browser’s URL window and look at your pretty book page!

You can use that direct URL anywhere you want to link to your book. Or you can add your book to your site’s menu through the Menu section in WordPress, but the real magic comes in when you set up Book Grids and Widgets. (And multiple books too, of course!)

Mooberry Book Manager does all the work for you by creating a page with all the information you entered and arranging it into two columns. Any field that you didn’t fill out will simply be skipped and the page layout will rearrange to accommodate.

Mooberry Book Manager produces a responsive layout, so your page will perform just as well on a mobile device.

An example of a Book Details Page

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