Book Page Settings

The Book Page Settings Page is used for settings that affect either the Book Edit or the Book Display pages.


Page Template

Mooberry Book Manager pulls the list of templates available in your theme so you can choose the one you want for your book page. Putting the setting here instead of on the Book Edit page keeps your book pages looking consistent, and means you only have to change one thing if you want to use a different template down the road.

Add to Goodreads Image

Mooberry Book Manager comes pre-installed with an “Add to Goodreads” button. Here you can restore it or change it to a different image.


The settings here are used as the defaults in the Book Editions section of Books. If you only sell in one language/currency, you’ll never have to change them after the defaults are set. The defaults are to save you time from having to make the same selections many times.

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