E-book Formats Settings

The E-books Formats Settings Page is used if you offer your books for free download. Several formats come pre-installed with Mooberry Book Manager, but you can add more if needed. The names on this tab will be used to populate the Formats drop down list in the Download Links section on the Add/Edit Book page. See the Adding Books.

  • To add a new format, click on the Add Format button.
  • To delete a format, click on the Remove Format button in the Format box.
  • You can click on the triangle in the gray box that says “Format 1”, “Format 2”, etc. to open and close the individual format.
  • The Format Name is required.
  • The Format Image is optional.
    • The Format Image can be uploaded from your computer or you can choose an image already available in your WordPress Media Library
    • You can select a file using the same process as WordPress’s Media Library

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