Book Grid Settings

The Book Grid Settings Page is used for settings that affect Book Grids and Taxonomy Book Grids.


Default Cover Height

You can set the height of book covers (in pixels) displayed in Book Grids here. For each individual Book Grid you add to your site, you can choose to use this default or override it.

Taxonomy Book Grids always use the default setting.



MBM uses a particular page on your site to view the Taxonomy Book Grids. This is used so that the URLs you set below show the proper book information.

When MBM is installed, it should automatically create this page and select it here. However, if that does not happen for some reason, you can do it manually. If nothing is selected for page, do the following:

  • Look in the list to see if one starts with "MBM Tax Grid Page". If so, select that one and click Save.
  • If there are multiple MBM Tax Grid Pages in the list, go to Pages and delete them all. Then come back to Book Grid Settings and proceed to the next step.
  • If there are not MBM Tax Grid Pages in the list, click "Create New Page". The page will be generated for you and selected. Click Save


Here you can change the URL used for the Taxonomy Book Grids. There is a list of WordPress Reserved Terms that you cannot use as part of the URL. Mooberry Book Manager will not allow you to save the setting if you use a reserved term.

The WordPress Reserved Terms are:

attachment perm
attachment_id post
author post__in
author_name post__not_in
calendar post_format
cat post_mime_type
category post_status
category__and post_tag
category__in post_type
category__not_in posts
category_name posts_per_archive_page
comments_per_page posts_per_page
comments_popup preview
customize_messenger_channel robots
customized s
cpage search
day second
debug sentence
error showposts
exact static
feed subpost
hour subpost_id
link_category tag
m tag__and
minute tag__in
monthnum tag__not_in
more tag_id
name tag_slug__and
nav_menu tag_slug__in
nonce taxonomy
nopaging tb
offset term
order terms
orderby theme
p title
page type
page_id w
paged withcomments
pagename withoutcomments
pb Year

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