Choosing Where to Send Readers

The first thing you’ll want to do is determine where to send readers when they click on the link in their e-book.

If you’ve already entered a retailer link for your book in Mooberry Book Manager, then the decision is already made.

It’s the times when a reader clicks a link (perhaps they have an ARC copy) and you haven’t set up the retailer links in Mooberry Book Manager yet that you have to think about.

Where do you want the reader to go? Here are some ideas:

  • Simply go to the book’s page on your website
  • Go to a “Coming Soon” page. This page could also include a mailing list sign up form.
  • Go to a landing page to sign up for your mailing list and receive a free gift in return. This page could be separate from your WordPress website.

There are two places you can tell MBM Retail Links Redirect where to send your reader.  The first in the Default setting on the  Book Page Settings page in the Mooberry Book Manager Settings menu:

The options for this setting are:

  • Going to the book’s page  (–Use Book Page–)
  • Going to a URL that is not part of your WordPress website (–URL–)
  • Any existing page in your WordPress website

This is where the reader will go for any book/retailer combination unless you’ve set up a specific book to override this setting.

When MBM Retail Links Redirect is activated, a new box is added to the Book Edit page. This is the second place. It allows you to override the default placeholder page on an individual book basis.

The options for this setting are:

  • Use the Default setting
  • Go to this book’s page
  • Go to any page in your WordPress Website
  • Go to a URL that is not part of your WordPress website (URL)

When MBM Retail Links Redirect is activated, all books are set to “Default” so if you want all the books to do the same thing, you just have to set the option in the Settings menu.

Through the use of shortcodes, you can make one page that will work for all book/retailer combinations and still be personalized for each one.  See  Creating a Special Page for details.

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