About the Retail Links Redirect Extension

The Retailer Links Redirect Extension is a little different than the other ones. It takes longer to explain why it’s a big help to indie authors than to explain how to use it.

The Problem

If you’re a self-publishing author, you’ve probably had this experience:

You want to include links in your e-books that take the reader directly to the retailer they purchased the book from, to encourage them to leave a review. The easier you can make it for the reader, the better.  But there’s a catch-22. How can you put a link to your book page on Amazon (for example), if you haven’t listed your book on Amazon yet?

You can’t. Your book doesn’t exist on Amazon yet.

So you have to upload your book without the link.

Then wait the 24-72 hrs for the link to actually be live and usable.

Now you have to edit your published, already-for-sale book to add the link.

On every retailer.

What. A. Pain.

The Solution

MBM Retail Links Redirect solves this catch-22!

MBM Retail Links Redirect gives you links you can put into your books  before you’ve uploaded them to the retailer. So here’s your new process:

  1. Copy the link from the MBM Retail Links Redirect Settings page and paste it into your book.
  2. Upload your book to the retailer.
  3. When the book goes live, add the link as a Retailer Link in Mooberry Book Manager, just like always.
  4. That’s it; you’re done.

How does it work?

When the reader clicks on the link in your book, they are brought to a special link on your website. MBM Retail Links Redirect decodes that link to figure out which book and retailer the reader is looking for.

If you’ve entered a  Retailer Link in Mooberry Book Manager that matches that book and retailer, the reader is redirected to that book’s page on that retailer’s website.

If the Retailer Link isn’t entered in Mooberry Book Manager yet, the reader is redirected to another page that you’ve chosen. It could be that book’s page on your website, a special “Coming Soon” page, a landing page, a sign up page for your mailing list.  The choice is yours.

The best part is, this all happens so quickly, the reader isn’t even aware of it.

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