Finding the Unique Link for each Book/Retailer Combination

MBM Retail Links Redirect gives you the exact link you need to put into your book. You simply copy and paste it right into your manuscript or formatted file.

Note: Because each link is specific to the retailer, you’ll want a different file to upload to each retailer. If you hire a formatter to make your e-book files, you’ll need to let them know you have specific links.

If you go to the Retail Links Redirect page in the Mooberry Book Manager Settings menu, there’s a long list of links. There is a separate link for every book/retailer combination, even if some books don’t have a link for some retailers.

Note: If you have version 1.2 or earlier, the list of links is located at the bottom of the Book Page settings page.

To make it easier to find what you are looking for, you can filter the list by either book or retailer, or both.

If there’s a purple checkmark next to a link, that means you’ve already entered a Retailer Link for that book/retailer combination.

Find the link you want and click “Copy Link”.  The link will now be ready to be pasted into your manuscript or formatted file.

It’s very important that the link is entered exactly how it is shown in this list. Any errors in the link could cause MBM Retail Links Redirect to incorrectly decode the book/retailer combination and send the reader to the wrong page. That’s why copy-and-pasting is the best way to do it.

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